6 Common Signs That a Pier and Beam Foundation Needs Repair

6 Common Signs That a Pier and Beam Foundation Needs Repair

Pier and beam systems are perfect for anyone looking for a stable foundation that’s easy to install, add to plumbing, and carry out repairs. However, they can deteriorate over time. That’s why it is important to familiarize yourself with common pier and beam foundation problems and their early symptoms. 

The following are some common signs that you need pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio:

1. Damp Crawlspace 

Pier and beam foundations are made by driving concrete beams reinforced with steel beams deep into the ground. As a result, there is a small crawlspace between the bottom level of the house and the ground beneath. 

While this crawlspace provides support for the house, it is also susceptible to moisture problems which could cause the soil under the house to shift and weaken the foundation. 

2. Mold and Mildew 

If you use wooden beams rather than steel ones in your pier and beam foundation construction, they will be more susceptible to water damage. If enough moisture seeps into the crawlspace, it could cause the beams and joists to develop mildew and mold. This puts the foundation at risk and could put the home’s occupants at risk if the mold spreads. If they develop mold and mildew, you may have to replace your wooden beams.

3. Decayed or Rotting Beams

Moisture in the crawlspace can become a major problem if it isn’t addressed early enough. Long-term exposure or flooding could cause wooden beams to decay or rot. This will severely weaken the beams and could eventually cause them to collapse, severely weakening the foundation’s structural integrity. 

Decayed and rotting beams should be replaced with steel beams as they are stronger pound for pound and less susceptible to water damage.

4. Collapsing

Concrete piers could become weak due to water damage and poor construction. As a result, the foundation will become uneven, causing cracks. The cracks can lead to collapse. Collapsing concrete piers could also cause cracks in the beams and weaken the entire pier and beam foundation construction. You can fix this problem and stabilize the structure by adjusting the concrete piers.

5. Tilting Piers 

Your concrete piers may become unstable over time and start to tilt, causing the beams to move and leading to various building issues like foundation failure. A foundation repair specialist could fix this issue by stabilizing all the foundation piers. 

6. Shifting Beams and Sagging Floors

Houses built with pier and beam foundations are usually elevated up to 18 inches off the ground, with beams placed across the concrete piers supporting the floor. If these beams start to shift, you may notice that parts of your floors start to sag. Installing foundation supports, piers, and shims could stabilize the beams and prevent your floors from sagging. 

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