5 Ways to Tell if You Need Foundation Repair

5 Surefire Ways to Spot When You Need Foundation Repair

A house can be a great investment if kept up to date, structurally sound, and in good condition. However, a damaged foundation can have rippling effects on the home’s structural integrity and other parts. As a homeowner, if you’re looking for trusted experts in foundation repair in San Antonio, look no further than Christopher Contracting LLC. If you have questions regarding the condition of your foundation and don’t know whether it needs repair, read on for warning signs. 

Is Foundation Repair in San Antonio Common?

Soil and climate can negatively impact your home’s foundation due to the expanding/contracting of soil due to temperature changes. San Antonio is one of the most flood-prone areas in North America, and excess water can cause foundation heaving. Plumbing leaks, tree roots, faulty construction, earthquakes, and poor soil compaction can also affect your foundation’s structural integrity. 

What Are Signs that Your Home or Business has Foundation Issues?

Exterior or Interior Cracking 

Large, diagonal cracking in your foundation is cause for concern. Small hairline cracks are typically nothing to be worried about as they are usually due to normal settling. Large, zig-zag cracking seen inside on sheetrock is also a sign of a foundation problem. 5-15mm or more than 15mm length cracks in your sheetrock or foundation should warrant a call to Christopher Contracting LLC. They provide the kind of exceptional foundation repair San Antonio buildings require.

Doors That Won’t Open or Close Normally 

When foundation issues are present, interior doors will typically catch at the top of the frame. In contrast, exterior doors will drag at the bottom of the doorframe. Keep in mind that sometimes doors will stick after higher humidity due to heavy rains or flooding. If the problem doesn’t go away after it has sufficiently dried, it may signify a foundation issue. 

Gapping Around Window Trim, Exterior Trim, or Window Frames 

Your windows can also indicate a problem. You may see gapping around window trim, exterior trim, or around the window frames if there is exterior wall movement due to a foundation problem. 

Movement of Wood Trim or Built-ins in the Interior of House

Settling of the foundation may cause cabinets or other trim work to be forced off of their secure position on the wall. This can also cause the movement of countertops, backsplash, or tiles in the home. 

Uneven or Sagging Floors 

If your foundation is deteriorating and impacting the pier and beam foundation, you may notice your flooring begin to sag or squeak when you walk on it. If you have a concrete foundation, your flooring may start to look uneven. 

Your San Antonio Foundation Repair Experts

Christopher Contracting LLC is your best bet if you are in need of San Antonio foundation repair. We deliver top-notch workmanship with a lifetime warranty. Our local knowledge of soils in this area of Texas allows us to tailor support systems for the finest foundation repair San Antonio residents need.