Best Types of Foundation Repair in San Antonio, TX

What Are the Best Options for Foundation Repair in San Antonio?

With unpredictable weather and varied, unstable soil types, foundations in San Antonio homes need to withstand it all. When you feel a sag in your floorboards or see cracks in your walls, it’s time to bring in an expert to talk about foundation repair in San Antonio, TX. The foundation repair services that are right for your home will vary depending on foundation type and condition. The majority of homes in San Antonio will have a concrete slab foundation since it is an inexpensive option that’s reliable throughout the unpredictable weather. There are two main types of repair for concrete slab foundations.

Foundation Repair Option 1: Mudjacking

Mudjacking is used to lift sinking or uneven concrete. It involves drilling holes in the concrete slab, injecting the foundation with additional concrete or grout, filling gaps left by uneven concrete, and leveling out the foundation. Mudjacking is great for foundation repair in San Antonio because it is nearly weatherproof and costs less than other repair methods.

Foundation Repair Option 2: Piers

Another option, which is more beneficial for extreme or hazardous projects, is to install steel or concrete piers into the foundation. Steel piers are unmatched for their longevity and provide consistent reinforcement. Concrete piers are also a great option. They are cost-effective while still offering a long-term solution to foundation issues.

Repairing Pier and Beam & Other Foundation Types with Christopher Contracting LLC

Less often, a home will have a pier and beam foundation. This system includes interlocking beams and joists that are held up by piers. To repair this type of foundation, your repair professional may need to replace beams, joists, or piers and reset the original materials. 

Your home’s foundation is vital. The team of experienced, dedicated professionals at Christopher Contracting is here to help make sure that your foundation is built to last. Contact us through our website or call us today at (210) 710-7838 for a free estimate.