Why You Shouldn’t Delay Foundation Repair in San Antonio

Homeowners, Here's Why You Shouldn't Skip Foundation Repair in San Antonio

The foundation is one of the most critical parts of a building. It supports the entire structure and daily foot traffic, therefore, minor, gradual settling over time is not uncommon. However, if the foundation settles or shifts too drastically or quickly, it can cause severe and costly problems for the whole building. Here are a few reasons why you would never want to wait to get a foundation repair in San Antonio.

Foundation Repair Can Increase the Longevity of Plumbing

When your foundation shifts, it can put immense pressure on the pipes underneath the ground. If not handled soon, these pipes will burst, compromising your plumbing system and releasing excess water into the soil. This could lead to even worse damage to the foundation, and the pipes would need repair as well.

Address Mold & Mildew Issues

With increasing damage to your foundation comes more openings for mold spores to enter the foundation and your entire property. Water and humid air will also be able to seep through the cracks, creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew to thrive. If left alone for too long, this can attack wood and cause structural damage, as well as contaminate the air and pose a health risk to residents.

Avoid Pest Infestations

The longer a damaged foundation is left alone, the larger cracks and openings can become, and you may soon be facing an insect or vermin infestation. Even if only a few get in, these intruders can multiply quickly, creating a big problem. To avoid them causing any additional damage, you’ll now need an exterminator in addition to your San Antonio foundation repair.

Contact Christopher Contracting LLC for San Antonio Foundation Repair

These are just a few of the problems you would face when you put off foundation repair in San Antonio. For foundation repair San Antonio folks can vouch for, contact Christopher Contracting LLC today.