Will I Need Foundation Repair in San Antonio After Intense Summer Heat?

Following Intense Summer Heat, You May Need Foundation Repair in San Antonio

Summer often brings very high temperatures, especially in Texas, where the weather may consistently land in the high 90s or even low 100s. However, this sharp increase in heat doesn’t just mean fewer clothes and more pool days, it can also mean serious damage to the foundation of your house. As the summer marches on, here’s how the heat can affect your home and leave you in need of foundation repair in San Antonio.

Heat Can Cause Cracks in the Foundation that May Need Repair

With the heat comes natural drying and cracking in your foundation. The abrupt change in weather can leave your foundation susceptible to fractures and cracks. If left untreated, these cracks will eventually allow water and pests into your home, creating a bigger problem than the initial structural damage.

Intense Summer Heat Can Dehyrdate the Soil

As it gets hotter in Texas, it often gets drier as well. Unfortunately, the two are a dangerous combination. While the dry heat can cause cracks in your foundation, it simultaneously dries out and shrinks the soil around your home. When this happens, the ground shifts and becomes rigid around your home. This shifting can make your foundation lose stability and cause serious damage.

Taking Preventative Measures

How can you prepare? Get your house looked at and repaired as soon as you notice any damage to avoid dangerous situations and costly repairs. Also, keep the ground around your home watered regularly. Occasionally watering the outside of your house can help mitigate the effects of the heat on your foundation.

Christopher Contracting LLC is Your One Stop Shop for San Antonio Foundation Repair

Don’t let the heat damage your home this summer and next. We can help your home stay safe. When you need a San Antonio foundation repair, give Christopher Contracting LLC a call.