3 Big Reasons Homeowners Should Perform Regular Foundation Checks

3 Big Reasons Every Homeowner Should Perform Regular Foundation Checks

When your foundation is stable, your home is stable. The phrase “foundation problems” sounds like a heart-stopping shock to most homeowners, but foundation defects can stay minor with the right care. Your foundation may need a keener eye to catch these problems before they get out of hand. This is why you should regularly call in the pros for foundation inspections.

Prolong the Life of Your Foundation

Your foundation makes up 8 and 15 percent of your home’s value, so making major repairs is costly. Foundation checks stop erosion and cracks in their tracks, keeping your foundation (and, by proxy, the rest of your home) in good repair for years to come. A solid, well-maintained foundation can increase your resale value when selling your home.

Save Money

Performing regular foundation checks keeps problems from getting out of hand. With time, minor issues can become major problems. When they’re left alone without inspection, those small problems become larger over time and turn into costly repairs to your home or even major damage to the rest of it. When you identify issues quickly, you save money on future repairs.

Minimize Future Problems

Along with saving money on future foundation repairs, regular foundation checks prevent problems in the rest of your home and keep it safe for your family. Cracks in foundations can intensify damage from storms and natural disasters. They can also start bringing water into your home. Both issues cause huge repair bills or even major structural damage, so homeowners should avoid them at all costs.

Suspect Your Foundation is Damaged? Contact Christopher Contracting LLC

Calling in experienced professionals is a must, especially for something as important as your foundation. Christopher Contracting has been providing customer-focused foundation repairs in the San Antonio area for almost 30 years. Contact our team of trusted professionals today for a free estimate on your foundation issues.