When is the Best Time of Year for Foundation Repair?

When is the Best Time of Year for Foundation Repair?

Foundation is not only an integral part of the supporting structure; it can also serve as protection to keep away the outside elements. The soil surrounding the foundation is subjected the most to weathering conditions which can cause the soil to shrink and expand due to the varying amounts of moisture that the seasons will bring. Seeing a crack in the walls, ceilings, or floors can be a sign of deeper issues within the structure (such as warping, uneven floors, water damage, and mold) and should be evaluated for foundation repair. Deciding when to repair the foundation will be crucial to prevent potentially disastrous and costly damage.

The Best Time to Repair Your Foundation According to Experts

Spring tends to be the easiest season to find signs for foundation repair due to rainfall and humidity. As a result of excess soil moisture, cracks along the structure can form and lead to water damage if ignored. It’s best to remain proactive and consider repairs before this season to avoid deteriorating foundations.

Summer can provide drier weather conditions, but the soil surrounding it can continue to shrink due to the lack of moisture and cause the foundation to strain.

Fall and Winter seasons give soil time to adjust to the consistent weather and moisture levels, providing ideal times for when to repair foundation. Although fall and winter provide favorable weather conditions for foundation repair, it’s best to not ignore any cracks you find outside these seasons. If neglected for too long, cracks can be the least of your structural worries (such as sinking floors, warped ceilings, water damage, etc.) with a weakening base.

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